2024-25 Academic Catalog

The Student Association


The Student Association (SA) at Mississippi State University is the largest student organization at MSU. The SA also serves as the governing body and voice for the students.

The SA Executive Council and Cabinet members are responsible for providing opportunities for students to engage in fun, imaginative, diverse, educational, and entertaining events and programs at Mississippi State. From casual to cultural, serious to witty, committees capture the diversity of the campus and produce a wide variety of events and initiatives to benefit the students, campus, and surrounding community. Some of the more popular annual events include Bulldog Bash, Costume Carnival, as well as the Global Lecture Series, Homecoming and the Block by Block initiatives. In addition, some Cabinet positions oversee all matters regarding academic policies and other areas of student concerns.

The Vice President of the SA presides over the legislative arm of the Student Association. The SA Senate is made up of representatives from academic colleges and At-Large members. The purpose of the SA Senate is to consider and pass legislation on any and all matters concerning students and or activities on campus.