2024-25 Academic Catalog

Student Housing

Mississippi State University (MSU) is committed to providing students with a comprehensive educational experience. The university has determined students living on campus have numerous educational and social benefits. In recognition of the living-learning experience associated with on-campus living, MSU requires first-time freshmen to live in on-campus residence halls. Students must first apply and be admitted to the university. Once a student is admitted, they will be able to apply for housing. Students can apply and continue to access their housing application via my.housing.msstate.edu. There is a $100 non-refundable application fee to apply for housing. Once an assignment is offered to a student, they will be able to sign their MSU Housing Contract. An MSU Housing Contract is a legally binding academic year contract.

Roommate Selection: Students wishing to request one another as roommates should do so via my.housing.msstate.edu prior to April 1. Students who do not have a roommate in mind are able to search for a roommate using the Roommate Preference portion of the housing application beginning in December. Students who cannot submit their roommate request prior to April 1 can still submit the request via my.housing.msstate.edu, but requests submitted prior to April 1 are given priority consideration.

Returning Resident Contract Renewal (Room Selection Verification Process: RSVP): Residents currently living on campus can apply to renew their housing contract for the next academic year through Room Selection Verification Process (RSVP). RSVP allows students to reapply and select their residence hall room online for the upcoming academic year. RSVP begins in January. To apply residents can visit: my.housing.msstate.edu

Transfer and Currently Enrolled Off-Campus Students: Transfer students and currently enrolled off-campus students will not be assigned a bed space until returning residents and first-time freshman assignments are completed.

MSU Housing Contacts: MSU students cannot cancel their housing contract and/or room assignment after July 1. The MSU Housing Contract is for the academic year. The student is legally bound to the terms and conditions of this document if the student is enrolled at MSU. For additional information regarding cancellations and contracts for students who are no longer enrolled, residence hall opening dates, and more please visit housing.msstate.edu.

Private Rooms: First-Time Freshmen are not eligible to receive a private room unless there is special permission granted by the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Requests for private rooms will only be considered if space is available.

Disability and Medical Needs: Students requesting specific accommodations based on a disability must register with MSU’s Disability Resource Center (DRC). DRC will review the needs of the student and work with the Department of Housing and Residence Life to assign students. Accommodation requests must be received prior to April 1 to receive priority consideration.

Room Change Requests (for students currently living in on-campus housing): Room changes must be approved by the Community or Graduate Residence Director. A student who makes an unauthorized room change will be charged a penalty and be required to move back to their assigned space. The assigned occupants are financially responsible for the room’s condition. Room reassignments are based on availability after the first week of classes each term. Room Reassignment Requests will be considered for incoming students prior to Fall move-in. Please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life for more information regarding these processes.

Reassignments and Right of Entry: The university reserves the right to inspect rooms and/or to move any student to another assignment for reasons of space management or for the maintenance of order.

Please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life for any additional information.

Department of Housing and Residence Life
P.O. Box 9502
Dogwood Hall - Ground Floor
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Visit our website: housing.msstate.edu.