2024-25 Academic Catalog

Release of Directory Information

The release of student directory information is governed by the University's Education Records Policy (OP 30.02). Directory information may be released by the University without the student’s written consent. Directory information consists of the following items: name; addresses; telephone numbers; email address; NetID; photograph; classification or grade level (freshman, sophomore, graduate student, etc.); fields (programs) of study (includes majors, minors, certificates, degrees); dates of attendance; full- or part-time status; degrees, awards and honors, and dates awarded; and most recent previous institutions attended. Participation in recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, and other similar information is considered directory information. Student directory information may be made available to non-university organizations upon request.

A student may deny the release of directory information by requesting that the information not be released. A student may restrict the directory information displayed in the electronic student directories on-line via Student Information System on the address update link. This change will be reflected in the on-line directory immediately.  A student may request in writing that the Registrar restrict his/her student record so that no information may be released. The student’s record will be “flagged” and no information will be released concerning this student to include honors or graduation lists or publications. A student may remove this restriction by notifying the Registrar in writing or by changing their election via Student Information System.

To deny the release of participation in recognized activities, the student must notify the Provost and the Dean of Students in writing. To deny the release of athletic information the student must notify the Director of Athletics in writing. The restrictions a student places on his/her record while a student will remain in place indefinitely. A former student, one who is not in attendance, must contact the appropriate offices above to deny the release of directory information.