2024-25 Academic Catalog

Class Attendance

Upon registration, the student accepts the responsibility of attending all classes and completing all in class and out of class work the instructor formally assigns. When absence from class is essential, the student should inform the instructor through an official means of communication or provide satisfactory documentation of the impending absence unless prescribed otherwise in the syllabus. If possible, the instructor should be notified prior to the absence. The student should discuss and document the scope and time frame for completion of missed work with the instructor in an agreed upon timely manner. Last the student should be informed that failure to comply with a documented agreed upon procedure could result in a grade penalty.

An attendance policy is the purview of an individual instructor. A policy should include, but is not limited to, how the instructor defines class attendance, particularly as it pertains to in-class responsibilities that go beyond the student’s mere presence in the classroom, the extent of credit or penalty, how excused and unexcused absences are measured, and how all absences are recorded. More information can be found in the complete Academic Operating policy 12.09.