2024-25 Academic Catalog

Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Accelerated programs (combined B.S./M.S.) are offered by a number of departments. These programs permit highly qualified undergraduate students who have completed 60 hours of undergraduate coursework to earn graduate credit. Upon completion of the graduate credits, the students also earn undergraduate credit for the same course(s). Interested undergraduates should check with their department to see if the accelerated program is available and to inquire about the application and registration process. Information can also be found in the catalog pages pertaining to the participating departments.

An undergraduate student at Mississippi State University not in an accelerated program and who lacks 12 or fewer credit hours to complete the undergraduate degree requirements may seek approval to enroll in courses for graduate credit in the final undergraduate semester or term. The student should meet the grade point average requirement for regular admission to the particular graduate program and may take up to 9 graduate credit hours; the combination of undergraduate and graduate credit hours may not exceed 15. Any exception to the stated criteria must be approved by the Provost (per Graduate Council, May 2004). In order to register for the course(s), the MSU student must submit the Undergraduate Request to Enroll in Graduate Courses form (http://www.grad.msstate.edu/students/forms) signed by the student's undergraduate department head, dean of the student's college, and instructor(s) of the graduate course(s). The department electronically submits the completed form to the Office of the Graduate School for processing.