2024-25 Academic Catalog

Gender Studies Certificate Program

Director: Dr. Kimberly Kelly
231 Etheredge Hall
Box C, MS 9562
Mississippi State, MS  39762
Telephone: 662-325-2355
E-mail: genderstudies@msstate.edu
Website:  http://genderstudies.msstate.edu

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that examines the construction of gender as a social, cultural, and psychological phenomenon and the various ideologies that underpin the distinctions that different societies over time have made between the categories of “man” and “woman.” As a field of inquiry, Gender Studies considers how gender as a social and cultural construction shapes people’s lives, their relationships, the workplace, institutional structures, public policy, and the production of knowledge. It also investigates the different impact of events, technologies, and government policies on men and women. The study of gender helps to broaden understandings of culture and identity, the intersection of gender with race, class, and sexuality, health and body politics, region and environment, nationalism, and citizenship.

The Gender Studies Certificate is awarded to students who complete 12 credit hours from the listed courses.  The student may also petition the director for approval of another course.

COE 6743Gender Issues in Counseling3
EN 8593Studies in Post-Colonial Literatures3
HDFS 6313Family Resource Management3
HDFS 6403Introduction to Gerontology3
HI 6273Women in American History3
HI 6293History of Gender and Science3
PSY 6983Psychology of Aging3
SO 6403Sociology of Gender and Sexuality3
SO 8503Seminar in the Family3