2024-25 Academic Catalog


Degree candidates must apply for graduation online via MyState and pay the required fee by the final date set by the Office of the Registrar for the semester of graduation. Deadline and fee information are posted on the Graduate Academic Calendar and on the Registrar’s website. The degree applicant must arrange cap and gown rental through the MSU Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Degree candidates should be present at commencement for official conferral.  

A student who applies for graduation in a certain semester but does not graduate must apply again in a subsequent semester. The applicant will pay a fee for the new application, as degree applications and application fees shall not be applied to future semesters.

"Walking Early" for Graduation

Students who participate in commencement exercises must have completed all coursework requirements and examinations for the degree program. Exceptions to this policy are only taken under advisement in the following circumstances and accompanied by full documentation:

  • Health-related hardship associated with their scheduled graduation
  • Military relocation for the graduate or spouse
  • International VISA travel restriction for the graduate or immediate family members

Students who meet the above criteria must seek written approval from their Department Head and Academic Dean. If the department and college approve, the request should be sent (with signatures) to the Director of Graduate Programs in the Graduate School for final approval.