2018-19 Academic Catalog

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Law Minor (LAW)

Whit Waide, J.D., Advisor
199 Bowen Hall

The interdisciplinary minor in Pre-Law consists of 19 credit hours offered through several departments and programs throughout the university. The minor will consist of a two-semester prerequisite class called "Introduction to Law I and II" (PS 1182/1192), as well as the requirement that a student take PHI 1113 Introduction to Logic, and a Constitutional Law class (PS 3063, 3073, or AAS 3043/PS 3043) or Principles of Legal Writing (EN 4223). At least 9 of the 19 hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level. 

The Pre-Law minor is designed to be a curriculum that is consistent with the best practice in preparing undergraduates for the study of law.  It has an interdisciplinary focus, creates a practicum like common experience, and focuses on analytic skill development. It will assist students in determining whether they desire to attend law school and will provide exposure to what they will encounter should they decide to attend law school.

Students interested in careers in law are encouraged to speak with Whit Waide, Pre-Law advisor. The Pre-Law advisor will provide guidance on the law school admissions test (LSAT), law school application process, and on selecting the best law school for you. For additional information contact Mr. Waide at wwaide@pspa.msstate.edu.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Concentration (MED) (DENT)

Major Advisors: Mary Celeste Reese; Office: 117 Harned Hall
Undergraduate Coordinator: Deb Mlsna, 1115 Hand Lab
Professor Kenneth Willeford; Office: 445 Dorman Hall

Preference is given to persons who have completed four years of study, majored in a specific discipline, and earned a bachelor’s degree. The curriculum for admission to most professional schools includes one academic year each of English, biological science, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics, physics and advanced science. The Pre-Medical advisors can provide detailed information about requirements of various schools.

Pre-Nursing Concentration (BION)

Major Advisor: Mary Celeste Reese
Office: 117 Harned Hall

UMC and MUW have slightly different admission requirements, so course selection will vary during the sophomore year depending upon which professional school the student plans to attend. Students should consult the advisor for details. A minimum grade of C and a minimum composite score of 21 on the ACT is required for admission. Application for professional school is normally made during the fall preceding the year admission is desired. Consult your advisor for developing an appropriate schedule of classes.

Pre-Optometry Concentration (BIOO)

Major Advisor: Mary Celeste Reese
Office: 117 Harned Hall

Requirements for admission to the various optometry schools differ. Students should check the specific requirements of the professional schools to which they plan to apply. Pre-Optometry students should plan to take the Optometry College Admission Test (OAT) during the sophomore or junior year. Consult your advisor for developing an appropriate schedule of classes.

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements (CHPH)

Major Advisors: Undergraduate Coordinator Deb Mlsna
Dr. Sean Stokes and Dr. Todd Mlsna
Office: 1115 Hand Lab

The pre-pharmacy program is intended for students who wish to attend the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi. No degree will be granted from Mississippi State University, and there are thus no university or college requirements. The courses listed below will satisfy the requirements for the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi. Most pharmacy schools have similar requirements. However, students who wish to attend other pharmacy schools should check the specific requirements for that school.

Required Courses
CH 1213Chemistry I3
CH 1211Investigations in Chemistry I1
CH 1223Chemistry II3
CH 1221Investigations in Chemistry II1
CH 4513Organic Chemistry I3
CH 4511Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
CH 4523Organic Chemistry II3
CH 4521Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
BCH 4603General Biochemistry I3
BIO 1134Biology I4
BIO 1144Biology II4
BIO 3014Human Physiology4
BIO 3304General Microbiology4
BIO 4405Pathogenic Microbiology5
BIO 3103Genetics I3
or BIO 4133 Human Genetics
PHI 3323Medical Ethics3
EN 1103English Composition I3
EN 1113English Composition II3
ST 2113Introduction to Statistics3
MA 1713Calculus I3
PH 1113General Physics I3
CO 1003Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
EC 2123Principles of Microeconomics3
Social and Behavioral Science Electives 16
Humanities and Fine Arts Electives 29
General Electives
To bring the total number of credit hours up to 92