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PH 1113 General Physics I: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: MA 1323 or an ACT Math subscore of at least 26). Two hours lecture, one hour drill, two hours laboratory). Non-calculus-based study of the fundamental laws of mechanics and fluids

Credit by Examination

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...HIGHER LEVEL PH 1113 6 HIGHER LEVEL PH 1113 and PH 1123 or PH 2213...

Building Construction Science

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...note that BCS 1116, MA 1613, and PH 1113 are prerequisites for other courses in...

College of Arts & Sciences

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...EN 1103 and EN 1113 may be counted...Sciences CH, GG, GR, PH. Minor in International...


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...must have completed GG 1113 and GR 1604...of the student's Ph.D. committee, other...

School of Architecture

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...Math score may satisfy the prerequisite of PH 1113 General Physics I . 2 Undeclared Architecture...

Department of Geosciences

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...bachelor's through the Ph.D. levels. Course...should include physical ( GG 1113 / GG 1111 ) and...