2024-25 Academic Catalog

Student Grievances

An Academic Grievance is a deviation from standard or appropriate practices or University policy or procedure pertaining to the conduct of academic activities, including mentoring. The action(s) adversely impacts the ability of a student to progress toward timely fulfillment of degree requirements. The Graduate Student Academic Grievance Procedure (AOP 12.37) has established standardized procedures concerning such grievances. The procedures contained in AOP 12.37 are designed to address academic grievances of graduate students and to provide a mechanism to resolve them. Graduate students may contact the Graduate School concerning this process.

Office of Compliance and Integrity

The Office of Compliance & Integrity is committed to ethical conduct and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies and works to ensure the University's compliance in a wide range of areas for the entire MSU community. These areas include, among others, FERPA; Title IX and sexual misconduct; discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Non-Academic Grievances

The Office of the Dean of Students assists students who feel  they have a grievance but are unsure of the proper course of action. This office can advise the graduate student in determining if the grievance should be referred to the Graduate School or some other office within the University. The student and the Office of the Dean of Students may at that point refer to the following as a method of resolution of a grievance that is not otherwise provided a remedy by University Policy or Academic Operating Policy and Procedure (AOP) within the University.