2019-20 Academic Catalog

Division of Education

Dr. Kimberly Hall, Division Head
Professors: Dr. Kimberly Hall and Dr. Darren Wozny
Associate Professors: Dr. Mark Fincher, Dr. Lindon Ratliff, Dr. Penny Wallin, and Dr. Ben Wax
Assistant Professors: Dr. Jeffrey Leffler, Dr. Eric Suddeath, and Dr. Ksenia Zhbanova
Clinical Assistant Professor: Dr. Tania Hanna
Instructors: Laura Hilton, Susan May, and Brandi Sumrall

The Division of Education in Meridian offers degree programs in areas previously listed. Education programs offered at MSU-Meridian parallel those offered through the College of Education in Starkville. Specific degree program requirements may be obtained by referencing the College of Education section in this Bulletin.

Degree requirements may be found by referencing the corresponding degree program located within this general bulletin.


BS in Kinesiology - Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration

The clinical exercise physiology concentration is designed as a professional preparation program of study that enables students to work in clinical settings as exercise physiologists in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, or other clinical rehabilitation settings, such as those for individuals with diabetes, orthopedic limitations, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, renal failure, obesity, and in programs dealing with issues of aging and female specific issues. The clinical exercise physiology concentration also provides students with the necessary background to pursue graduate health professions, such as physical or occupational therapy, physician assistant studies, medicine, or other graduate level educational programs.

English Composition
EN 1103English Composition I3
or EN 1163 Accelerated Composition I
EN 1113English Composition II3
or EN 1173 Accelerated Composition II
MA 1313College Algebra3
ST 2113Introduction to Statistics3
BiologyLecture and Lab from General Education courses4
ChemistryLecture and Lab from General Education courses4
Natural ScienceFrom General Education courses3
Select from General Education courses6
Fine Arts
Select from General Education courses3
Social Sciences
Select from General Education courses3
Major Core
KI 2023Foundations of Health Education3
KI 2603Medical Terminology3
EP 2013Fundamentals of Kinesiology3
EP 3183Exercise Psychology3
EP 3233Anatomical Kinesiology3
EP 3304Exercise Physiology4
EP 3613Exercise Electrocardiography3
EP 3643Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology3
EP 4113Fitness Programs and Testing Procedures3
EP 4133Exercise Programs for Clinical Populations3
EP 4183Exercise and Weight Control3
EP 4603Physical Activity Epidemiology3
EP 4803
EP 4814Exercise Science Internship4
EP ElectivesChoose two of the following:6
Aging and Physical Activity
Aging and Disability
EP 4503
Neural Control of Human Movement
BIO 3004Human Anatomy4
BIO 3014Human Physiology4
Oral Communication3
CO 1003Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
or CO 1013 Introduction to Communication
or CO 2253 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
EDF 3413Writing for Thinking3
or MGT 3213 Organizational Communications
or BIO 3013 Professional Writing for Biologists
Total Hours124