2022-23 Academic Catalog

Division of Education

Dr. Kimberly Hall, Division Head
Professors: Dr. Kimberly Hall, Dr. Carlen Hennington, and Dr. Darren Wozny
Associate Professors: Dr. Mark Fincher
Assistant Professors: Dr. Jeffrey Leffler and Dr. Ksenia Zhbanova
Clinical Associate Professor: Dr. Roseanna Nunnery
Clinical Assistant Professor: Dr. Tania Hanna, Dr. Rosalind Operton, and Dr. Melissa Windham
Instructors: Brandi Sumrall

The Division of Education in Meridian offers degree programs in areas previously listed. Education programs offered at MSU-Meridian parallel those offered through the College of Education in Starkville. Specific degree program requirements may be obtained by referencing the College of Education section in this Bulletin.

Degree requirements may be found by referencing the corresponding degree program located within this general bulletin.


Elementary Education Major (ELED)

General Education Requirements

English Composition
EN 1103English Composition I3
or EN 1104 Expanded English Composition I
EN 1113English Composition II3
or EN 1173 Accelerated Composition II
MA 1313College Algebra3
MA 1413Structure of the Real Number System3
MA 1423Problem Solving with Real Numbers3
MA 1433Informal Geometry and Measurement3
See General Education courses (must be lab-based courses)6
Choose one of the following:3
Early U.S. History
World History Before 1500
Early Western World
Choose one of the following:3
Modern U.S. History
World History Since 1500
Modern Western World
Fine Arts
See General Education courses3
Social Sciences
GR 1123Introduction to World Geography3
PS 1113American Government3
or SO 1003 Introduction to Sociology
or SO 1203 Sociology of Families
Additional Core
Natural Science courses6
English Literature Elective (see General Education courses)
English Grammar Elective OR English course above EN 1113
Major Core
EDE 2521Introduction to Elementary Education1
RDG 3113Early Literacy Instruction I 13
RDG 3123Early Literacy Instruction II 13
EDE 3123Early Childhood Education 13
EDX 3213Individualizing Instruction for Exceptional Children3
RDG 3413Middle Level Literacy I 13
RDG 3423Middle Level Literacy II 13
EDE 3223Middle Level Education 13
EDF 3333Social Foundations of Education3
EDF 3423Exploring Diversity Through Writing 13
EDE 3443Creative Arts for Elementary and Middle Levels 13
EDE 3523Foundations of Elementary & Middle Level Mathematics Education 13
EDE 4113Teaching Elementary and Middle Level Science 13
EDE 4123Teaching Elementary and Middle Level Mathematics 13
RDG 4133Integrating Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas 13
EDE 4143Teaching Elementary and Middle Level Social Studies 13
EDE 4883Managing the Elementary and Middle Level Classroom 13
EDE 4886Elementary and Middle Level Teaching Internship 16
EDE 4896Elementary and Middle Level Teaching Internship 16

Early Childhood Concentration (ECHD)

Leads to K-3 general certification with N-1 (nursery - 1st grade) early childhood/special education certification.

HDFS 2803Prenatal and Infant Development3
HDFS 2813Child Development3
HDFS 3803Creativity & Play in Young Children3
EDX 4113Methods and Materials for Early Childhood Students with Disabilities3
EDX 4413Working with Families of Students with Disabilities3
or HDFS 4803 Parenting

Students choosing the Early Childhood Education concentration may obtain K-6 certification by taking, in addition to the K-3 requirements, EDE 3223 and any two of the following: 3 hours of English, 3 hours of math, 3 hours of social studies, and/or 3 hours science. 

Middle School Concentration (MDSC)

Leads to K-6 general certification with 4th-8th grade subject area certification.

EDE 3223Middle Level Education3
Twelve hours certification endorsement area electives.
Two 21-hour endorsement areas required. See Advisor.
Total Hours124

 Many courses have co-requisites. See catalog or advisor.


Requires admission to Teacher Education.