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EDEĀ 4123 Teaching Elementary and Middle Level Mathematics: 3 hours.

(Pre-requisites: Admission to Teacher Education: RDG 3113, RDG 3123, EDE 3123, EDF 3423, EDX 3213, RDG 3413, RDG 3423, EDE 3223, EDE 3523, and EDF 3333;MA 1313,MA 1413 or an appropriate MA substitute, MA 1423 or an Appropriate MA substitute, and MA 1433 or an appropriate MA substitute. Co-requisite: EDE 4113, RDG 4133 and EDE 4143 ). Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Field based. Effectiveness of instructional practices and selection, organization, teaching and assessment for integrating language arts across content areas in K-8

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The mission of the School of Human Sciences is to improve the well-being of individuals, families, communities and related businesses and industries through teaching, research and outreach. An integrative approach is carried out in these program areas: