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MSĀ 3123 Advanced Military Skills II: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: MS 1112, MS 1122, MS 2112, MS 2122, MS 3113 or instructor's consent.) Spring Semester. Three hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Advanced instruction on platoon tactical operations and small unit patrolling. Discussion on the operation and employment of weapons in the platoon

Industrial and Systems Engineering


...Box 9542 Mississippi State, MS 39762 Telephone: 662...2733 MA 2743 IE 3123 IE 4613/6613...

Management and Information Systems


...Box 9581 Mississippi State, MS 39762 Telephone: 662...Statistical Methods I & BQA 3123 Business Statistical Methods...

Chemical Engineering


...Box 9595 Mississippi State, MS 39762 Telephone: 662...Heat Transfer Operations, CHE 3123 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics...

Agribusiness Management


...Box 5187 Mississippi State, MS 39762 Telephone: 662...not earned for EC 3123 or an equivalent...