2017-18 Academic Catalog

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ISE 1103 Introduction to Global Studies: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: Admission into the International Studies Certificate Program.) Three hours lecture. This course provides an overview of global studies to broaden students’ cultural perspectives so that they are more prepared to develop a well-rounded world-view

The James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


...until it is determined that it is equivalent...English Composition I ( EN 1103 ) , and Chemistry I...

College of Arts & Sciences


...Global Studies ( ISE 1103 ) and the three-credit-hour Cross-Cultural Leadership ( ISE 4103 ) are...

College of Veterinary Medicine


...is required for applicants whose primary language is...MS, 39762; 662-325-1103; msuvmt@cvm.msstate...

Credit by Examination


...which advanced placement credit is earned. These courses...Comp. 3 3 EN 1103 Language & Comp. 4...



...code is 2220 and the SAT code is...English Composition sequence (EN 1103 and EN 1113...