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ASEĀ 2013 Astrodynamics, Propulsion and Structures: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: ASE 1013 and a grade of C or better in MA 1713 and credit or registsration in MA 1723 and PH 2213). Three hours lecture. Three hours laboratory. Introduction to space flight (astronautics), propulsion, flight vehicle structures and materials, and hypersonic vehicles, applications of computer modeling, computational tools, with historical perspectives

College of Business


...A. as a Double Degree and as a...equivalent): BIS 1012 , ACC 2013 , ACC 2023 , EC...

Department of Geosciences


...3.3 overall as well as in at...Geography, cultural geography ( GR 2013 ), world geography ( GR...

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


...in concentration areas such as Agricultural and Environmental...3513 , ABE 4313 , ACC 2013 , AEC 3113 , AEC...

Management and Information Systems


...may be made as early as the end...Survey of Accounting ACC 2013 Principles of Financial...