2013-14 Academic Catalog

Credits, Grades, and Standing

This is an archived copy of the 2013-14 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.msstate.edu.

All credits earned at Mississippi State University are in semester hours. In most curricula, taking an average load of 16-18 hours for a regular semester will enable a student to make normal progress toward graduation.

Year or quarter hours transferred from another institution are converted into semester hours for purposes of uniformity in determining graduation requirements.

Transfer credits are accepted only from institutions accredited by or in candidate status with a regional accrediting body, such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Not more than 25 percent of any curriculum may be earned by advanced standing examinations, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), evaluated military service credits, tutorial, extension courses, and advanced placement exams (a maximum of 20% of the total degree hours can be correspondence courses). Evaluated military service credits are classified as extension work. Correspondence courses must be approved by the dean before being taken by students in residence. USAFI credits are classified as correspondence work.