2024-25 Academic Catalog

Course Numbering System

Courses are listed alphabetically by course symbol. Each department entry contains a description of the courses.

System of Course Numbers

All course numbers consist of four digits, of which the first (left) digit indicates the level of preparation required and the fourth (right) digit indicates the number of semester hours. The two middle digits are reserved for the departments to distinguish one course from another. A fourth digit of zero (0) means that credit is variable to be fixed in consultation with the professor: example, ACC 4000, Directed Individual Study.

Course Numbers Level of Credit(1)
1001-2999 Lower division courses; Undergraduate credit only
3001-4999 Upper division courses; Undergraduate credit only
4000 Directed Individual Study (Undergraduate)
5011-5999 Fifth year undergraduate or Professional courses
6011-6999 Courses for graduate credit only
7000 Directed Individual Study (Graduate)
8000 Master’s level research and thesis
9000 Ph.D. level research and dissertation

Courses numbered 2000 or higher were upper division courses until Spring semester 1996.