2024-25 Academic Catalog

General Science

Major Advisor: Emily Cain
Office: 513 Allen Hall

For various reasons, a student may not require the intensive preparation that is typical of a professional curriculum. The general science curriculum is tailored for their needs. Flexibility is the key characteristic of the curriculum. The general science program is designed to give students a broad general education and at the same time teach them the fundamentals of science. By judiciously choosing their course of study, a student may use the general science curriculum in many ways. For example, by concentrating on biological science or chemistry the student may prepare for medical or dental school, and with appropriate choice of electives preparation for clinical and other laboratory positions in such fields as public health and marine biology is possible.

If the student is interested in interdisciplinary studies related to environmental science, the general science curriculum is suitable. Any one of the physical or biological sciences may be emphasized. The curriculum, however, involves courses from several sciences, and from other fields concerned with the environment. Persons trained in this option should be in demand in the health industry, science laboratories, federal, state, and local governmental agencies, and in industries involved with earth resources.

Successful completion of the University and curriculum requirements will result in the awarding of a B.S. degree in General Science.

The following requirements apply to all general science students:

  1. The B.S. Common Curriculum must be satisfied.
  2. A minimum of 60 credit hours in science, of which at least 30 must be in one science, is required.
  3. Electives must be approved by the faculty advisor.
  4. A total of 124 credit hours is required.
  5. A minimum grade of C is required for all Major Core courses, and in the 30 hours of one science. 

General Education and College Requirements

English Composition
EN 1103English Composition I3
or EN 1104 Expanded English Composition I
EN 1113English Composition II3
or EN 1173 Accelerated Composition II
Foreign Language
2 semesters - one Foreign Language (see advisor)6
Literature - see University/A&S Core3
History - see University/A&S Core3
MA course above College Algebra3
Fine Arts
See A&S requirements3
Natural Sciences
Met in major core
Social Sciences 1
See A&S requirements6
Major Core 2
GG 1113Survey of Earth Sciences I3
GG 1111Earth Sciences I Laboratory1
CH 1211Investigations in Chemistry I1
CH 1213Chemistry I3
CH 1221Investigations in Chemistry II1
CH 1223Chemistry II3
CH 4511Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
CH 4513Organic Chemistry I3
CH 4521Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
CH 4523Organic Chemistry II3
PH 1113General Physics I3
PH 1123General Physics II3
BIO 1144Biology II4
BIO 3103Genetics I3
Oral Communication Requirement
CO 1003Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Writing Requirement3
Consult advisor and choose from the following:
Professional Writing for Biologists
Creative Writing
Technical Writing
Computer Literacy3-4
Consult advisor for options
General Electives
Consult Advisor13
Total Hours121

Must be from 2 different areas and must be selected from University/A&S Core requirements.


Student should check for prerequisites for all courses. Consult advisor. Minimum of 60 hours in science, of which at least 30 must be in one science.


Consult advisor.