2024-25 Academic Catalog

Special Non-Degree Classification

An applicant who is at least twenty-one (21) years old and who does not meet the regular freshman admission requirements, may apply to the Office of Admissions and Scholarships for acceptance into the Special Non-Degree (SND) student category. Students in this category will be advised by and will schedule classes through the University Academic Advising Center. Applicants must demonstrate adequate preparation for the courses they plan to schedule. SND students may schedule a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours during a regular term and three (3) semester hours during a five-week summer term. To move from the SND status, students should satisfactorily complete twelve (12) semester hours with a C or better average in core courses that are applicable to a degree at MSU. Students wishing to gain reclassification to a traditional major should discuss this during their initial meeting with one of the professional advisors in the University Academic Advising Center. For students admitted to a degree program, a maximum of eighteen (18) semester hours of credit earned while in the SND classification may be counted toward a baccalaureate degree, pending approval by the dean of the college or school from which the degree is sought.

Degree-seeking adult applicants with previous college attendance must meet regular transfer student requirements and, therefore, may not apply for admission under the Special Non-Degree option.

Non-degree seeking adult applicants with previous college attendance who do not meet regular transfer requirements may be allowed to schedule courses for self improvement and/or job enhancement only. Applicants must file a letter of intent with the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Admissions and Scholarships, to enroll under this option.