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AAS 1063 Introduction to African American Studies: 3 hours.

Three hours lecture. An interdisciplinary examination of African-American history and culture, including the Diaspora, literature, music, reform movements, and black liberation in the U.S

African American Studies


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African American Studies (AAS) brings together an interdisciplinary community of scholars to offer courses leading to a minor. Our faculty is committed to exploring creative approaches to research and teaching by making the study of African Americans a central element in their scholarship and courses. Our faculty also promote research across departmental boundaries, thereby producing scholarship touching upon politics, identify, religion, and other variables. The interdisciplinary methodology of AAS informs students who work in a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, sociology, anthropology, music, economics, literature, education, and psychology. While the majority of our courses examine the history and culture of African Americans, the minor concentration also enables students to study Africans in the homeland and the Diaspora.