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PH 4413 Thermal Physics: 3 hours.

(Prerequisites: PH 3613 and MA 2743). Three hours lecture. Thermodynamics, kinetic theory, classical and quantum statistical mechanics. Applications to low temperature physics, solid-state physics and plasma physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Physics plays a basic role in all science and engineering disciplines. Physics is concerned with the study of the structure of matter, the nature of radiation, and the interaction of radiation and matter. Among the major branches are optical, laser, atomic, nuclear, molecular particle, condensed matter, bio-, astro-, plasma and computational physics. The B.S. program in physics provides an excellent, broadly based course of study with electives that allow the student to pursue his/her special interests in other subjects. The B.S. degree provides the necessary training for either employment in industry or government, or continued study at the graduate level.