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MA 1613 Calculus for Business and Life Sciences I: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore 24, or grade of C or better in MA 1103 or MA 1313). Three hours lecture. Algebraic and some transcendental functions, solutions of systems of linear equations, limits, continuity, derivatives, applications

Building Construction Science

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...Prerequisites: MA 1323 or an ACT Math subscore of at least 24 MA 1613 Calculus...

General Education Requirements

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...University mathematics requirement with either MA 1713 Calculus I , MA 1613 Calculus for Business and...

College of Arts & Sciences

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...MA course at the level of MA 1613 or higher (with the exception of MA...

Department of Finance and Economics

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...core requirements. Majors are required to take MA 1613 Calculus for Business and Life Sciences...