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MA 1323 Trigonometry: 3 hours.

(Students with credit in MA 1713 will not receive credit for this course; Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore 24 (or higher for some sections), or grade of C or better in MA 1103 or MA 1313). Three hours lecture. The trigonometric functions: identities; trigonometric equations; applications

Building Construction Science

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...regarding admission requirement of MA 1313 College Algebra and MA 1323 Trigonometry or equivalent). 3...

General Education Requirements

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...I , MA 1613 Calculus for Business and Life Sciences I . Alone, neither MA 1323 Trigonometry...

Credit by Examination

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...3 MA 1713 BC Exam 3 3 MA...HI 1313 and HI 1323 European 6 STANDARD...

School of Architecture

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...General Education Requirements 1 MA 1313 College Algebra and MA 1323 Trigonometry should be completed...