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HIĀ 1003 History of Science in Six Ideas: 3 hours.

A survey of the historical context and consequences of six concepts (the body, the senses, humanity, nature, power, the cosmos) in the Western world

General Education Requirements

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...1073 , HI 1163 , EN 2203 , ART 1013 , ART 1113 , MU 1113 , PS 1113 , SO 1003...

Department of Sociology

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...at any time in his or her academic...Required courses include: SO 1003 Introduction to Sociology...

Department of Communication

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...field combines appropriately with his/her major field...the major. 6 CO 1003 is required unless...

School of Human Sciences

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...areas that will serve his/her individual needs...prerequisite courses 2 SO 1003 is required for...