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Educational Specialist Degree Completion Requirements


The Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) is offered by the College of Education and is comprised of a planned program of at least 30 semester hours above the master’s degree under the direction of a major professor. Check  Requirements Quick Reference  for admission requirements for specific programs. Consult  Admissions Information  and the Educational Specialist program descriptions in the College of Education section. Go to the  Graduate School  website to apply online.

Instructional Systems and Workforce Development


...Educational Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) with Concentration...elective is any 6000-, 7000-, 8000-, or 9000...

Educational Leadership


...A; Fall--March 1 Ed.S. in Education...EPY 6214 and EDL 7000 and a comprehensive...

EDE 7000 Directed Individual Study in Elementary Education: 1-6 hours.

Hours and credits to be arranged

EDS 7000 Directed Individual Study in Secondary Education: 1-6 hours.

Hours and credits to be arranged