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CH 1223 Chemistry II: 3 hours.

(Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in CH 1213). Three hours lecture. The principles of atomic and molecular structure, energetics, dynamics, and synthesis as related to chemical systems

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Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Whitnee Nettles, wnettles@chemistry.msstate.edu Academic Coordinator: Taylor Fultz, tfultz@chemistry.msstate.edu 1115 Hand Chemical Laboratory Website: www.chemistry.msstate.edu

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...S UD requirement. 2 CH, GG, GR, or...Economics allowed. 5 CO 1223 or CO 1403...

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...1173 ; HI 1213 / HI 1223 ; HI 1313 / HI...from another area. 2 CH, GG, or PH...