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CEĀ 4533 Computational Methods in Water Resources Engineering: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in CE 3503; or consent of major advisor). Three hours lecture. Review of relevant numerical analysis; numerical methods for kinematic wave, St. Venant, Boussinesq and dept-averaged equations; simulation of one and two dimension free-surface flows

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Civil and Environmental Engineers plans, designs, and supervises construction of almost every facility essential to modern life. Roads, bridges, buildings, water supply and waste disposal systems, transit systems, airfields, dams and irrigation projects are examples of the creative efforts of Civil and Environmental Engineers. The field of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers limitless employment opportunities that range from high-tech computer-aided design to hands-on field engineering. Civil and Environmental Engineers find rewarding careers in government, military, industry or private practice to meet the challenges of pollution control, energy, transportation, housing and other problems that face modern society.

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