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BIO 3014 Human Physiology: 4 hours.

(Prerequisites: BIO 1134 and CH 1213, or BIO 2004 and CH 1043 or equivalent) Three hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Comprehensive examination of the function and regulation of the human body and physiological integration of organ systems to maintain homeostasis

Department of Biological Sciences

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The Department of Biological Sciences provides an outstanding educational experience across the entire field of biology. Our expert faculty have diverse research and teaching interests that span molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, computational biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and ecology, of all living organisms. Our faculty are actively engaged in highly interdisciplinary cutting-edge research and are committed to providing students with an extensive exposure to biological processes and systems and a deep understanding of biology at environmental, organismal, cellular, and molecular levels through engaging lectures and hands-on laboratory experiences. Graduates leave the department with the knowledge base and critical thinking skills to be successful in graduate programs leading to M.S. or Ph.D., medical, dental and veterinary schools, health professional schools, research, and teaching.