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BCH 6613 General Biochemistry II: 3 hours.

(Prerequisites: CH 4564, CH 4523/6523 or consent of instructor). Three hours lecture. BCH 4603/6603 must be completed before student may enroll in BCH 4613/6613. Detailed studies of the structure and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and coenzymes

College of Veterinary Medicine

Undergraduate Catalog


...1 seminar, 1 statistics, BCH/PSS 8653 Genomes and Genomics, CSE 6613 Bio-computing, CSE...

Animal Physiology

Graduate Catalog


...Other course requirements may include BCH 6603 and/or BCH 6613 and ST 8114 or...

Animal Nutrition

Graduate Catalog


...Nutrition has no course requirements; however, BCH 6603 , BCH 6613 , ST 8114 , and ST 8214...