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ASEĀ 2113 Introduction to Aircraft and Spacecraft Performance: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: ASE 2013 and grade of C or better in MA 1723 and PH 2213).Three hours lecture. Introduction to general aerodynamics, propulsive and structural considerations of flight mechanics, quasi-steady flight; accelerated and maneuvering flight;launch vehicle performance

College of Arts & Sciences


...assigned an advisor as soon as he or...exception of MA 2113 / ST 2113 ). 3 3...

General Education Requirements


...Trigonometry nor MA 2113 / ST 2113 Introduction to...those that are classified as Life Sciences; all...

College of Business


...2023 , EC 2113 , EC 2123 , BQA 2113 , and...A. as a Double Degree and as a...

Management and Information Systems


...may be made as early as the end...Business Decision Making* BQA 2113 Business Statistical Methods...