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ASEĀ 1013 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: credit or co-registration in MA 1713). Three hours lecture. Three hours laboratory. Historical perspectives of aerospace engineering and fundamentals of aerodynamics, the standard atmosphere, computer modeling and manufacturing, information technology, programming environments, computational tools

General Education Requirements

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...those that are classified as Life Sciences; all...1163 , EN 2203 , ART 1013 , ART 1113 , MU...

Credit by Examination

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...Courses taken as part of the AS level...HISTORY 3 3 ART 1013 2. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE...

Department of Communication

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...disadvantage in classes as well as in careers...student has completed CO 1013 prior to declaring...

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...degree may also serve as a preparation for...Design II (Color) ART 1013 Art History I...