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ANĀ 4133 Medical Anthropology: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: AN 1103 or consent of instructor). Three hours lecture. The cross-cultural study of health, sickness, and medicine from a holistic perspective emphasizing in- teractions between culture and biology and between bio- medicine and local healing traditions

School of Human Sciences

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...teaching, research and outreach. An integrative approach is...4103 , PSS 4123 , PSS 4133 , PSS 4613 , FO...

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

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...and enhance our environment. An undergraduate student may...4103 , PSS 4123 , PSS 4133 , PSS 4223 , PSS...

Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion

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...and Nutrition concentration is an accredited Didactic Program...Commodity Futures Marketing , AEC 4133 Analysis of Food...

Mechanical Engineering

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...39762 Telephone: 662-325-4133 Fax: 662-325...is required for admission. An entering graduate student...

Department of Psychology

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...4633 Language and Society / AN 4633 Language and Society BIO 4133 Human Genetics CSE 3813...

Department of Aerospace Engineering

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...engineering curriculum, an aeronautics concentration and an astronautics...plus EM 4123 , EM 4133 and EM 4143...