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ACC 2023 Principles of Managerial Accounting: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: ACC 2013;PACC majors must have a grade of B or better in ACC 2013).Three hours lecture. Managerial accounting fundamentals including interpretation and use of management reports, cost behavior, cost accumulation, budgeting, financial statement analysis, responsibility organizations.Honors section available

Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

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The Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy is a professional school whose mission is to prepare students for successful careers in accountancy and business by fostering an environment that promotes innovative teaching and curricula, high quality research, and professional engagement. Such career preparation includes a wide range of professional accounting activities, general education, and broad training in business administration. This program of study gives students the basic preparation for positions in all areas of accounting including, but not limited to, public, private, and governmental accounting. It also (1) requires students to take a planned and coordinated non-business program designed to increase their cultural appreciation and give them a broad knowledge of world affairs and (2) permits the election of additional non-business courses according to the interests of the individual student.

Management and Information Systems

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...B ACC 2203 Survey of Accounting ACC 2013 Principles of Financial Accounting or ACC 2023...

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...seven courses (or equivalent): BIS 1012 , ACC 2013 , ACC 2023 , EC 2113 , EC 2123 , BQA...