2016-17 Academic Catalog

Degrees and Majors Offered

Graduate Degrees and Majors

Mississippi State University offers the following graduate degrees and majors.  University admission and degree completion requirements are located in the Graduate School section of this publication; specific program requirements are found in the respective department/program information.

Degree Major Concentration Thesis Non-Thesis Starkville Meridian Distance
No DegreeUnclassifiedXXX
Master of Agribusiness ManagementAgribusiness ManagementXX
Master of ArtsApplied AnthropologyXX
Master of ArtsEconomicsXXX
Master of ArtsEnglishXXX
Master of ArtsForeign LanguageXXX
Master of ArtsHistoryXXX
Master of ArtsPolitical ScienceXXX
Master of Arts in TeachingCommunity College EducationXXXX
Master of Arts in Teaching-MiddleMiddle Level Alternate RouteXX
Master of Arts in Teaching-SecondarySecondary Teacher Alternate RouteXXX
Master of Arts in Teaching - SpecialSpecial Education Alternate RouteXX
Master of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationXXXX
Master of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationAccountingXX
Master of Business AdministrationProject ManagementXXX
Master of EngineeringEngineeringXX
Master of Landscape ArchitectureLandscape ArchitectureXXX
Master of Professional AccountancyAccountingXX
Master of Professional AccountancyAccountingSystemsXX
Master of Public Policy and AdministrationPublic Policy and AdministrationXX
Master of ScienceAerospace EngineeringXXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural and Extension Education XXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural and Extension EducationLeadershipXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural and Extension EducationTeachingXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural Life SciencesAnimal PhysiologyXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural Life SciencesBiochemistryXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural Life SciencesEntomologyXX
Master of ScienceAgricultureAgricultural EconomicsXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultureAgronomyXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultureAnimal NutritionXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural Life SciencesGeneticsXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultureAnimal ScienceXXX
Master of Science AgricultureHorticultureXX
Master of ScienceAgricultural Life SciencesPlant PathologyXX
Master of ScienceAgriculturePoultry ScienceXXX
Master of ScienceAgricultureWeed ScienceXX
Master of ScienceBiological SciencesXX
Master of ScienceAgricultureEngineering TechnologyXXX
Master of Science Biological EngineeringXX
Master of ScienceBiomedical EngineeringXX
Master of ScienceChemical EngineeringXXX
Master of ScienceChemistryXX
Master of ScienceCivil EngineeringXXXX
Master of ScienceComputational EngineeringXXXX
Master of ScienceComputer ScienceXXXX
Master of ScienceCounselor EducationClinical Mental Health XXX
Master of ScienceCounselor EducationCollege CounselingXXX
Master of ScienceCounselor EducationRehabilitation CounselingXXX
Master of ScienceCounselor EducationSchool CounselingXXX
Master of ScienceCounselor EducationStudent AffairsXXX
Master of ScienceEducational PsychologyGeneral Educational PsychologyXX
Master of ScienceEducational PsychologyPsychometryXX
Master of ScienceElectrical and Computer EngineeringXXXX
Master of ScienceElementary EducationEarly Childhood EducationXXX
Master of ScienceElementary EducationGeneral EducationXXX
Master of ScienceElementary EducationMiddle Level EducationXXX
Master of ScienceFood Science, Nutrition, and Health PromotionFood Science and TechnologyXX
Master of ScienceFood Science, Nutrition, and Health PromotionHealth PromotionXXXX
Master of ScienceFood Science, Nutrition, and Health PromotionNutritionXX
Master of ScienceForestryXXXX
Master of ScienceGeneral BiologyXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceApplied MeteorologyXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceBroadcast MeteorologyXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceEnvironmental GeoscienceXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceGeographyXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceGeologyXXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceGeospatial SciencesXXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceProfessional Meteorology/ClimatologyXX
Master of ScienceGeoscienceTeachers in GeosciencesXX
Master of ScienceHuman Development and Family StudiesXXX
Master of ScienceIndustrial EngineeringHuman Factors & ErgonomicsXXXX
Master of ScienceIndustrial EngineeringIndustrial SystemsXXXX
Master of ScienceIndustrial EngineeringManagement SystemsXXXX
Master of ScienceIndustrial EngineeringManufacturing SystemsXXXX
Master of ScienceIndustrial EngineeringOperations ResearchXXXX
Master of ScienceKinesiologyExercise PhysiologyXXX
Master of ScienceKinesiologySport PedagogyXXX
Master of ScienceKinesiologySport AdministrationXXX
Master of ScienceMathematicsXXX
Master of ScienceMechanical EngineeringXXXX
Master of SciencePhysicsXXX
Master of ScienceSchool AdministrationXXX
Master of SciencePsychologyXX
Master of ScienceSecondary EducationXXXX
Master of ScienceSociologyXXX
Master of ScienceSpecial EducationXX
Master of ScienceTechnologyXXX
Master of ScienceStatisticsXXX
Master of ScienceSustainable BioproductsXXX
Master of ScienceVeterinary Medical SciencesComputational BiologyXX
Master of ScienceVeterinary Medical SciencesInfectious DiseasesXX
Master of ScienceVeterinary Medical SciencePopulation Medicine Non-ThesisXX
Master of ScienceVeterinary Medical SciencesToxicologyXX
Master of ScienceVeterinary Medical SciencesVeterinary Medical ResearchXX
Master of ScienceWildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureXX
Master of ScienceWorkforce Education LeadershipXX
Master of Science in Information SystemsInformation SystemsXXX
Master of Science in Instructional TechnologyInstructional TechnologyDistance EducationXXXX
Master of Science in Instructional TechnologyInstructional TechnologyInstructional DesignXXXX
Master of Science in Instructional TechnologyInstructional TechnologyMultimediaXXXX
Master of TaxationTaxationXX
Educational SpecialistEducationCounselor EducationXXXX
Educational SpecialistEducationEducation-TechnologyXXX
Educational SpecialistEducationElementary EducationXXXX
Educational SpecialistEducationSchool AdministrationXXXX
Educational SpecialistEducationSchool PsychologyXXX
Educational SpecialistEducationSecondary EducationXXXX
Educational SpecialistEducationSpecial EducationXXX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesAgricultural and Extension EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesAgronomyX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesAnimal and Dairy ScienceX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesAnimal NutritionX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesEngineering TechnologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesHorticultureX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesPoultry ScienceX
Doctor of PhilosophyAgricultural SciencesWeed ScienceX
Doctor of PhilosophyApplied PsychologyClinical PsychologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyApplied PsychologyApplied Cognitive ScienceX
Doctor of PhilosophyBiological SciencesX
Doctor of PhilosophyBiomedical EngineeringX
Doctor of PhilosophyBusiness AdministrationAccountingX
Doctor of PhilosophyBusiness AdministrationFinanceX
Doctor of PhilosophyBusiness AdministrationInformation SystemsX
Doctor of PhilosophyBusiness AdministrationManagementX
Doctor of PhilosophyBusiness AdministrationMarketingX
Doctor of PhilosophyChemistryX
Doctor of PhilosophyCollege/Postsecondary Student Counseling and Personnel ServicesX
Doctor of PhilosophyCommunity College LeadershipX
Doctor of PhilosophyComputational EngineeringXX
Doctor of PhilosophyComputer ScienceX
Doctor of PhilosophyCounselor Education/Student Counseling and Guidance ServicesX
Doctor of PhilosophyCurriculum and InstructionCurriculum & Instruction General EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyCurriculum and InstructionEarly Childhood EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyCurriculum and InstructionElementary EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyCurriculum and InstructionReading EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyCurriculum and InstructionSecondary EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyCurriculum and InstructionSpecial EducationX
Doctor of PhilosophyEarth and Atmospheric SciencesX
Doctor of PhilosophyEducational PsychologySchool PsychologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyElectrical & Computer EngineeringXX
Doctor of PhilosophyElementary, Middle and Secondary Education AdministrationX
Doctor of PhilosophyEngineeringAerospace EngineeringXX
Doctor of PhilosophyEducational PsychologyGeneral Educational PsychologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyEngineeringApplied PhysicsX
Doctor of PhilosophyEngineeringBiological EngineeringX
Doctor of PhilosophyEngineeeringChemical EngineeringX
Doctor of PhilosophyEngineeringCivil EngineeringXX
Doctor of PhilosophyEngineeringMechanical EngineeringXX
Doctor of PhilosophyEnvironmental ToxicologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyFood Science, Nutrition and Health PromotionFood Science and TechnologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyFood Science, Nutrition and Health PromotionNutritionX
Doctor of PhilosophyForest ResourcesSustainable BioproductsX
Doctor of PhilosophyForest ResourcesForestryX
Doctor of PhilosophyForest ResourcesWildlife, Fisheries and AquacultureX
Doctor of PhilosophyGraduate Applied EconomicsX
Doctor of PhilosophyHistoryX
Doctor of PhilosophyHuman Development and Family StudiesX
Doctor of PhilosophyIndustrial and Systems EngineeringXX
Doctor of PhilosophyInstructional Systems & Workforce DevelopmentX
Doctor of PhilosophyKinesiologyExercise ScienceX
Doctor of PhilosophyKinesiologySport StudiesX
Doctor of PhilosophyLife SciencesAnimal PhysiologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyLife SciencesBiochemistryX
Doctor of PhilosophyLife SciencesEntomologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyLife SciencesGeneticsX
Doctor of PhilosophyLife SciencesPlant PathologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyMathematical SciencesX
Doctor of PhilosophyMolecular BiologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyPhysicsX
Doctor of PhilosophyPublic Policy and AdministrationX
Doctor of PhilosophySociologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyVeterinary Medical ScienceComputational BiologyX
Doctor of PhilosophyVeterinary Medical ScienceInfectious DiseaseX
Doctor of PhilosophyVeterinary Medical ScienceVeterinary Medical ResearchX